More talk on sports planning

Sports consultation
Sports consultation

Locals were keen to hear Scenic Rim Regional Council’s plans for sports and recreation facilities on the mountain during community consultations held last month.

Over 70 people turned up at the Long Road Sports Centre to listen to Council representatives, including Councillor Amanda Hay and Tony Butler, Consultant with Otium who has put together the draft Sports and Recreation Plan 2024-2034.

Calls were made for connecting bike trails and footpaths, basketball courts, horse riding facilities and increased funding for the Long Road Sports Centre.

“We had some great conversations, and the community is very committed,” Mr Butler said.

“I believe everyone is in alignment with what is in the document.”

He said the aim was to create equality in funding and facilities across the region according to tier each fell in to.

Mr Butler said there was a lack of indoor court facilities in the region with a need for a three-court facility at a minimum.

The Tamborine Mountain Sports Association is hoping the indoor court will be built on the mountain, however, Mr Butler said the plan considers the increases in population expected in Boonah and Beaudesert.

Councillor Hay said it is about encouraging participation across the community as well as the social aspect and she believes the strategy is very positive.

Speaking about the Long Road Sports Centre Councillor Hay said the new Council was more receptive to what the community was wanting and assured locals they would not be reinventing the wheel with multiple reviews that don’t result in an outcome.

Tamborine Mountain Sports Association president Mick Angus once again asked that the master plan be implemented.

He said they had been treading water for seven years and urged the council to support it, saying it was crucial they worked hand in hand with the council and were not competing against them for available grants.

Long time resident Linda Galbraith was one of the people to attend the consultation and said it was important that the plan maintained the rural country landscape and atmosphere and was accessible to everyone even if they didn’t belong to a club.

She said the Long Road sports centre had relied on volunteers who have given hours of their time laying turf, organising park runs, doing weed eradication and fundraising.

Now she said it was time money was put towards maintenance and paying staff to manage it into the future.