Kate French
Kate French

The recent Arts Trail was quite an eye opener.  I had little idea of the sheer amount of talent on this Mountain.

I know I am attracted more to sculptures than painting.  But, not always so.  Like everyone I have favourite paintings.  

Naturally I was drawn to the magnificent horse’s head, horses having been a very important part of my childhood. I was amazed at the number of sculptures on display including some particularly excellent busts of family members. 

How amazing to have a sculpture as a permanent reminder of loved parents.

I could not resist the temptation to purchase a glass enclosed painting of a horse’s head.  

I spied two small paintings, one picture was a tiny dog sat alone taking little space on the sofa, the adjoining picture showed a very large dog sitting somewhat squashed on the same sofa.   I laughed out loud at the quirky humour of it.  Well done that artist, she had also painted an eye-catching picture of the type of ornate building found all over Europe.

Another artist of interest was an artist making earrings out of the tiniest beads possible.  

Such activity would have driven me up the wall but she maintained it calmed her.  

Unfortunately, one of my pierced ears has ‘unpierced’ itself, so I am not in the market for earrings until I can find someone to undo the unpiecing!

Pottery is not necessarily my thing, however, I am a jug collector.  

There, amongst all sorts of delights was an owl jug.  So tempting. 

Going further afield I found an artist who has an incredible range of subjects from commissioned family portraits, to every Australian native animal you could wish for.  

These were on display together with her recent interest in the rainforest life that surrounds us.

I have purposely not named any of the artists whose work I have picked out as my personal choices, but, if they read this they will know who they are.