Councillor Comments

Councillor Comments
Councillor Comments

These are my own personal views. I do not purport to speak on behalf of Council. Decisions of Council are made only by majority vote, legislative authority or under authority delegated by Council. 

Was that sunshine I spotted briefly last Saturday? More than 20 hang gliders took advantage of the perfect weather and launched from Main Western Road. 

This is what tourists and local enjoy – free activities which they cannot see up close elsewhere. 

This may not add much to the local spend, but it is what puts the Mountain on the map as a desirable day tripper destination. It is not all about the money.

Budget discussions continue at Council with the draft budget to be released shortly. Thank you to those who participated in the recent community consultation at the library. The issues raised have been noted and are under consideration.

Controversial proposed development – 30 Kidd Street. The developer has 90 days to respond to Council’s lengthy information request (which is now visible on DAP Online). Public information sessions will be held once the response is received.

Recent local issues/complaints – the ‘missing’ red post office box, drainage issues, alleged unlawful uses on residential properties and bamboo incursions into a National Park and our Botanic Gardens.

Out and about – Coffee with a Cop at Elevation Café was an opportunity to meet the new officer in charge of our local station, Sgt Linda Smith, raise concerns and discuss policing initiatives in the local community as well as hear about the multi-cultural aspects of policing. 

Happy fifth birthday to Tamborine Mountain College’s Early Learning Centre, celebrated during the recent open day. 

Local Disaster Management Group briefing – preparedness for when – not if – we have another disaster. 

Saving the best for last – The Office of the Independent Assessor (OIA) has finally come to its senses and withdrawn its prosecution case against me on May 17, after 18 months of investigation (and stress) which resulted in a very thick Brief of Evidence prepared at taxpayer expense which will never see the light of day. 

The OIA offered “no evidence” and the complaint against me was dismissed. 

I am now officially no longer subject to a notice stating I am “permitted to go at large without bail”, as I have been for the past five months. 

The two day hearing set down for June has now been vacated. 

I am under no illusions regarding the reason the matter was dropped – had I been self-represented, I’m sure I would still be facing that hearing. 

Thank you to the two enthusiastic and highly qualified and skilled barristers who handled my case pro-bono. In lieu of legal fees, I will be making a donation to the Environmental Defenders Office. 

This will not be the last of this matter – my legal representatives are considering the grounds for a case of malicious prosecution which has resulted in emotional distress and wasted time and resources. 

The OIA was not big enough to offer an apology. Its dogged pursuit of what was an unwinnable case should be grounds for another parliamentary investigation. 

The day the now former Mayor was forced to provide a public apology to then Cr Derek Swanborough for the words to which I took exception (“causing harm to third parties”) “that have now been found to be outside of legislative scope” and which gave rise to the prosecution case against me, should have been the day the OIA realised it had no likelihood of success. 

That date was November 8, 2022.

I can be contacted on 0448 376 650 or via email:

Facebook: Cr Amanda Hay – Division 1 – Scenic Rim Regional Council

“Life under a good government is rarely dramatic; life under a bad government is always so.” – Oscar Wilde