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Hearts of the Mountain

Elyn Young, Bargain Centre

Elyn Young

Hearts of the Mountain

“Why do you want to interview me?” questions Elyn Young modestly. The pragmatic 93-year-old may not be quite the oldest resident on the mountain, but she’s got to be one of the most active – […]

St Bernards

The St Bernards

Hearts of the Mountain

Syrah, Cooper and Norman love a long morning walk, lots of play time and jumping in the bus for a trip to the beach. The St Bernards of St Bernards Hotel are as iconic to […]

Kym Hart

Heart For The Community

Hearts of the Mountain

It’s a cold and foggy early autumnal day on the mountain and despite the inclement weather Kym Hart is in his ‘uniform’; singlet and jeans. His studio shed is a hive of activity with paintings […]

Regular columns

Caitlin French
Physio Talk


I feel so incredibly grateful that I have a job I am so passionate about. When I started my studies to become a physiotherapist several years ago, I couldn’t have dreamt of being where I […]
One small place on earth

Spectacled Monarch Nest

Spectacled Monarch Nest – Symposiarchus trivirgatus, the Knoll National Park.  Had we not seen the nest on a night walk, I would never have returned the next day to film it.  Fortunately, it was fairly close […]

Amanda Hay
Councillor Comments

Councillor’s Comment

Amanda Hay, Division 1 These are my own personal views. I do not purport to speak on behalf of Council. Decisions of Council are made only by majority vote, legislative authority or under authority delegated […]