Cr Kerri Cryer, Cr Stephen Moriarty, Mayor Tom Sharp, IGEM Alistair Dawson and Cr Amanda Hay

Residents Help Shape Disaster Response

Residents told traumatic and emotional stories of their experiences during the Christmas storms during a forum held by the Inspector General Emergency Management at Vonda Youngman Hall. The forum was one of thirteen being held […]

Jeanette Lockey Roland Lindenmayer and Stuart Wright

Preserving Mountain Life 

Since 1915 the Tamborine Mountain Progress Association (TMPA) has fought hard to protect the unique environment of the mountain. However, in 2023 the unsuccessful Eagles Retreat Place Development court proceedings dealt it a significant blow, […]

Tammie Fogarty and Joseph Julcher. Photo by Katie O'Brien.

The Forgotten Victims

Josef Julcher can’t remember much about Christmas night when the tornado whipped through the community. However, six months on he and his daughter, Tammie Fogarty, are still struggling with the impact it’s had on their […]

Emma Scaddan

A Flowery Affair

Emma Scaddan laughs at that thought of what a guidance councillor would have said to her as a child when she told them she wanted to have a beautiful garden for a living. But, that […]

Sonya Underdahl

A Special Glow Lighting up the Mountain

Tamborine Mountain is famous for many things including its glow worms. They’re small fly larvae that give off a mesmerising luminescent glow and their presence on the mountain attracts tourists from far and wide. Local […]