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Emeritus Professor Peter Gresshoff
Emeritus Professor Peter Gresshoff

By Barry Chick

THE very amicable and knowledgeable Emeritus Professor Peter Gresshoff entertained and informed Tamborine Mountain Probus Club members about alternative energy production recently.

Peter has spoken publicly for five decades on science related topics including genetics, biology and economics of sustainable bioenergy production from the legume tree Pongamia.

This tree is a native of Australia that thrives on marginal lands, requires minimal rainfall and is resistant to disease.

There are several thousand of these trees being planted as a future commercial production of bio-fuel, as it is economically viable and eco-friendly.

Thank you, Peter, for showing us there is hope for the future towards eliminating our reliance on fossil fuels and thanks to Rolf for introducing a most interesting speaker. 

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