Yoga and colds and flu

Zen Water Meditation
Zen Water Meditation

As the weather is getting chillier many of my students are succumbing to colds and flu. 

Ayurveda, the medical side of yoga, has some easy lifestyle tips using real food and spices to help prevent you from getting flu and to recover more quickly. 

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old medical system, originating from India and it relies on a natural holistic approach to physical, mental and emotional health. 

In Ayurveda, there’s an underlying belief that everything in life is connected. Health and wellness rely on achieving balance and harmony. When a person is imbalanced or stressed, they’re likely to develop disease. 

When you get a cold, your body is telling you something about your lifestyle. Look at your lifestyle. Are you living out of harmony? Do you tend to overindulge? Do you operate full steam ahead all the time? Are your days filled with stress? 

The following Ayurvedic remedies are fabulous for the flu season: Tulsi Tea for fever and congestion. 

Tulsi is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. 

Ginger Tea to stoke the digestive fire and clear the microcirculatory channels of the body. A saltwater gargle for sore throats to reduce swelling. Turmeric Paste, made of equal parts of honey and turmeric, is rich in curcumin with anti-viral properties. 

Every several hours take one teaspoon of the paste, sunshine to boost your D3, which activates immune-boosting proteins; eat a warm, nourishing diet of soups and broths, and finally sleep and rest – the greatest cure all of all.