Women’s Circles

Zen Water Meditation
Zen Water Meditation

WE HAVE a yoga workshop coming up soon (see Events at www.yogaunderthebodhitree.com.au). 

Held at Albert River Winery we are gathering to practice Goddess Yoga and make flower crowns. 

A beautiful way to connect to other women, get to in touch with your Divine Feminine and do something creative. 

All the activities that women love and women do: community, movement, self-love and creativity! 

It’s a bit like motherhood – you spend at least 18 years being the centre of your small community (your family), coordinating activities, schedules, chores (movement) loving and supporting everyone through the ups and downs of everyday life and creating these amazing meals, homes, birthday parties, sleepovers and memorable events so that looking back, everyone realises that many of those family memories and rituals were instituted by the Mother Goddess of that little family. 

The Divine Feminine in all of us is balanced by the Divine Masculine in our partners, male friends, granddad, and uncles. 

We need both genetic traits to create a balanced society. 

Women have gathered in circles and communities since antiquity to share wisdom, rituals, and support, creating a unique space for empowerment and sisterhood. 

These gatherings have evolved over centuries, but always offered women an opportunity to connect with other women who could empathize and offer guidance. 

The most obvious form of Goddess Yoga is honouring Mother Earth. 

Her ability to sustain life and constantly seek homeostasis and balance so that our earth remains liveable.

Perfect pairing for a wonderful workshop.

By Margot Wagner