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Amanda Hay
Amanda Hay

These are my own personal views. I do not purport to speak on behalf of Council. Decisions of Council are made only by majority vote, legislative authority or under authority delegated by Council. 

Good news!

The positive mood at Council continues to improve amongst both Councillors and staff. 

Tourist cabins

Approved (second) extension of time for development at 43 Justin Ave – four tourist cabins. 

Applicant now has a further four years to develop. 

A recent court decision relating to a Bundaberg Regional Council decision (unrelated to 43 Justin Ave) to refuse a further extension stated the Court was not satisfied that the appellant demonstrated a satisfactory explanation for the appellant’s delay in making the extension application and dismissed the application. 

Hopefully SRRC will take a similar approach in relation to further applications for extensions relating to approved developments within the Scenic Rim. 

Extensions of time are approved under delegated authority, not by a vote of Councillors.

Kidd Street

Council has sent a lengthy information request (not visible on DAP Online at time of writing this column) to the applicant seeking a response. 

My review of the documents lodged to date has highlighted several areas of concern when this proposal is compared to similar developments elsewhere, particularly in regard to the constraints the site presents. 

Following numerous requests, there will be community meetings where residents/ratepayers can express their concerns or support for the development to me (date/ to be advised) once the response to the information request is received. 

Thank you to those who have contacted me – I am listening.

Tourist Accommodation

“Need” for additional tourist accommodation is cited in most development applications as justification for more short-term accommodation. 

Difficult to justify given Council has absolutely no idea how many rooms are currently available due to the (current) lack of any requirement for Air B’n’Bs to be registered or regulated. 

Some short streets have as many as four. There is a desperate shortage of long-term rental properties, but these are not where the bucks are to be made. 

If you have an Air B’n’B next to you, I would like to hear from you. 

Recent local issues/complaints

Other recent issues include dodgy “granny flats” advertised for rental on facebook, tree clearing without approval, removal of roadkill, vermin coming from vacant/unmaintained properties, mowing delays (please be patient – some verges are still too wet to mow), issues with public amenities.

Brochure Information

Following on from the tornado and rain events, the brochure “Living on Tamborine Mountain” is to be redrafted as a community initiative. Please let me know what you consider essential information for current and future residents. 

Topics raised include how to measure your water tank level, generator maintenance, bushfire preparedness, seeking Council info prior to removing trees. 

Is there any support for a Tip Shop?

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“It is better for a city to be governed by a good man than by good laws.” — Aristotle