Understanding yoga from the inside

Zen Water Meditation
Zen Water Meditation

For one week during the month our yoga classes are focussed on yoga and meditation. 

Not just a short ten minute relaxation through the body but using the yoga to prepare the body for a formal meditation. 

These meditations are structured and purposeful and drawn from both Vedic and Buddhist philosophies. 

In the world of yoga, we say that every person has two ways of “seeing”. 

Different possibilities of perception that arise out of the depth of our being. 

Sharpness searches for precision, logic, and rationality. This is how many of us perceive our day- to- day lives. But the other way of “seeing” is more subtle – soft, intuitive and listening. 

We can access this way of seeing through meditation, prayer, being in nature or when you access “flow” during a creative activity. Many times, in our lives this way of seeing shows up as mutually exclusive. But sometimes, often during a good meditation, these two ways of seeing unite in the heart and something big happens. 

Just for a second, everything makes sense, everything is one, and you are one with the universe.

A good yoga class should give you many opportunities in class to dip into this sense of unity. 

With practice you will be able to weave these two different ways of “seeing” into the fabric of your whole life. 

Your practice on the mat then becomes a microcosm of your whole day macro practice. 

This is understanding yoga from the inside.