A top experience – an ‘away walk’ with Tamborine Mountain Bushwalkers

Anna Earle, Colin Bridge and Christine Couture at the sandstone cave, Ravensbourne NP
Anna Earle, Colin Bridge and Christine Couture at the sandstone cave, Ravensbourne NP

In April Tamborine Mountain Bushwalkers held their first away walk for 2024.

These are special events with opportunity to walk in different landscapes away from our usual selection of forest, coastal and city walking. Most importantly, they give us precious time to enjoy social interaction at the end of the day while we share stories over drinks, nibbles and meals.

For this first away walk we stayed at the NRMA Somerset Lake Resort, a peaceful and scenic setting when it is out of school holidays. During holiday periods it is very popular with families making the most of water sports. 

Unfortunately, there are not walks close by, but we managed three good days of walking. 

The highlights were Mount Mee, which afforded views across the Somerset region, and a great day exploring Esk and surrounds. 

In Esk, we started at the Brisbane Valley railway path which runs through well maintained gardens and playgrounds before walking alongside the river. 

That afternoon we went into the nearby Ravensbourne National Park and walked the attractive loop. 

On our last day we drove towards the Coast and the impressive skyline of the Glasshouse Mountains to walk the Tibrogargan Circuit in very sticky conditions but made it for coffee before the nearby café closed and a downpour brought some relief after the warm day.

TM Bushwalkers with TM Birdwatchers operate under the umbrella of the TM Natural History Organisation, which is always looking for new members to enliven its ranks and with new ideas. Check out their website where both groups have contact numbers. 

When people retire to the Mountain they are often looking for an interest group as a way to make connections and new friends. Perhaps this one is for you?

TM Bushwalkers have four very popular dinner meetings a year to plan the next walks, and regular walks are held on the second and fourth Saturday of the month. These are usually whole day events. 

Sometimes walks are cancelled or changed according to weather and track conditions. You are informed by email if this is going to happen.

If you would like to learn more about us, contact Helen on 0478 414 892.