Tamborine Mountain Wolves basketball club

TM Wolves
TM Wolves

Over 200 local children have had the chance to shine on the basketball court since the establishment of the Tamborine Mountain Wolves basketball club five years ago.

The club was set up by Adam Chanter, who has passionately supported the kids on and off the court.

“The early vision for this program was designed off what I personally was not afforded growing up in small town rural Victoria,” Adam explained.

“From my lived experience, my ethos has been to utilise basketball as the language we share with our youth to inspire and motivate greatness.”

Adam said each achievement the Wolves have had has been a testament to the spirit of the community and its dedication and passion to basketball. 

He has advocated for the implementation of the schools excellence program and encouraged the growth of female participation.

Each week the teams got out and played with pride and strength against well-established teams.

Across the five years over 40 juniors have embarked on state league opportunities. 

Having dedicated much of his time to the club, Adam has now made the decision to step down as president. He will take up a more specialised role working in community engagement, continuing to nurture relationships with sponsors and community partners.

He is pleased to hand over the job of interim president to Jessica Fern.