Spirited game sends Cup to Beaudesert

Steve Hargreaves Cup
Steve Hargreaves Cup

By Alick Kilsby, President, Tamborine Mountain Bushrats

The annual Steve Hargreaves Cup took place on a very wet March 24 evening between the Beaudesert Kingfishers and Tamborine Mountain Bushrats. 

The Rats were first to score with the Kingfishers getting one back not too long later. The rain continued and so did the outstanding defensive effort of both teams. 

The crowd was huddled under gazebos and the Beaudesert faithful roared their approval when the Kingfishers went over again just after half time. 

The Bushrats dug deep and brought the score back within two points but weren’t able to get over the visiting side when the time expired. 

The game was played in great spirit with the Beaudesert Kingfishers securing the trophy and guaranteeing a rematch for the cup next year. 

Steve Hargreaves presented the trophy remarking that if the Rats were to lose, he’d rather see the cup go to Beaudesert than any of the Gold Coast teams.

As always, a huge thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors and organisers that made this year’s Steve Hargreaves Cup possible!