Sangha – your supportive community

Zen Water Meditation
Zen Water Meditation

I’ve just enjoyed a yoga retreat in Sydney with my Guru, who was out from India. 

Rich in teachings and wisdom, one of the loveliest aspects of these types of gatherings is the community of likeminded people. 

In the world of yoga, we call this a sangha – an eclectic group of individuals all invested in a common cause. Your sangha or tribe could be your yoga class, a community group, a religious group or even a Landcare group. 

Our modern society is characterised by individualism. 

Individualism is fabulous, think of the innovations and technological breakthrough in our society, much credit can be given to individuals who think out the box. 

The downside of a highly individualistic society is a lack of community. 

A highly individualised society is often characterised by isolation, loneliness, ego centric practices and greed.  

When you practice Satsang however, you are encouraged to look at how the group works together, and you can lean into the group when you are having a difficult time and give your support to others in the group when your life is on track. 

In the ‘blue zones’ of the world: (Okinawa, Icaria, Loma Linda and the Nicoya Peninsula) there is a high proportion of centenarians. 

One of the common characteristics of these communities is a sense of sangha amongst its inhabitants. 

No one feels isolated and many share common religious practices and beliefs and everyone invests in solid relationships with friends and family members. 

This is sangha.