Is fire safety on your mind?

QFES TM with Chloe Rogers
QFES TM with Chloe Rogers

As the cooler weather hits the mountain and we look for ways to keep warm it’s time to think about fire safety. 

Tamborine Mountain Fire and Rescue Captain James Croak said home fire safety should be on every resident’s mind.

There are a few things to consider before turning on the heater or lighting the fire.

Chimneys should be checked and cleaned by a professional, preferably yearly. Following the Christmas storms there could be damage to the roof or chimney flue.

It’s also important to know that fires should be extinguished before leaving the house and should never be left unattended.

Check your heater and keep it a minimum of a metre away with any material. As tempting as it is with our wet weather, never put clothes on heaters to dry.

“Residents are advised to have and practice their fire escape plan in case of an emergency to a safe location,” Captain Croak said.

“Queensland Fire and Rescue recommends residents access the and look through the home fire safety plan to survive.”

He warned anyone who still has a build-up of debris and timber following the storms to ensure there’s a safety buffer immediately around the residence.

“Residents shouldn’t become complacent that the wet summer has reduced the risk of fire around their homes. Fire can happen anywhere at any time,” he stressed.

“Stack timber and firewood away from the residence, clean gutters and ensure you have water.”

Open fire pits are very popular but ensure any backyard fires are within a constructed area, away from the house in an open area, with access to water. Never leave it unattended and always extinguish the fire before leaving. 

If you are burning off debris from the storms it should be less than 2m x 2m x 2m. If the pile is bigger a fire permit must be obtained through the local fire warden on the QFES website or contact the local fire service.

April is time to check your smoke alarms are operating, check if the battery requires replacement if they are interconnected smoke alarms ten-year lithium battery life.

All homes should have fire blankets and extinguishers in an accessible location.

Anyone concerned about their home’s fire safety can book a free Safehome visit through the QFES website.