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Cassie Buckle
Cassie Buckle

Cassie Buckle from bare.com.au provided our members with a very interesting and professional presentation about how to best prepare for the inevitable time when we leave this world.

A subject most of us keeping putting off, until sometimes it is too late.

She shared with us how to put everything in place so our loved ones don’t have to suffer any more stress and anxiety than is necessary.

Such things as an up to date will, power of attorney, medical directives and what our wishes are for our farewell.

Do you want a burial or cremation?

A conventional church type service or a something more alternative, like a beach party for instance?

Or maybe even a traditional Irish wake?

The more we can encourage each other to make theses choices now and write them down, the easier it is for those we leave behind.

I have personally had a long conversation with one of their staff recently  and found him to be very helpful and understanding, plenty of information and no pressure.

Food for thought … and action, thanks Cassie.

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