Spectacled Monarch Nest


Spectacled Monarch Nest – Symposiarchus trivirgatus, the Knoll National Park. 

Had we not seen the nest on a night walk, I would never have returned the next day to film it. 

Fortunately, it was fairly close to the path, in a good position for the camera, and just before a right turn. 

The nest was typical of the species, being located in the fork of a sapling about three metres from the ground and containing two chicks. It was beautifully made and decorated with scraps of moss and lichen. 

I filmed the family life of the birds for a fair while, the chicks squawking to be fed and the adults duly obliging. 

I was particularly impressed when one adult appeared with a beakful of spider. 

The bird inhabits subtropical and tropical moist lowland and montane forests and mangrove forests. It is found in Australia, particularly in most of its eastern coastal region, and in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea