Caitlin French
Caitlin French

I feel so incredibly grateful that I have a job I am so passionate about. When I started my studies to become a physiotherapist several years ago, I couldn’t have dreamt of being where I am right now. And three years ago, when I started at Physique, I had no idea what was waiting in store for me in the coming years.

I am in a job where helping people and making their days that little bit brighter, is at the very core of what I do. From newborns all the way through to teenagers, there is something special about being able to work with families and children; to help make a difference in their life. Early intervention is so crucial, and I feel incredibly lucky that I get to be a part of that process with so many families in the community.

Along the way, I have undergone further qualifications in Post Graduate Paediatric Physiotherapy courses to further my knowledge, my skills and to help even more people! With each new step into the field of paediatrics, my passion for my work has grown deeper, and I know that this is the job I was meant to do.

It is my belief that everyone should have access to great healthcare – no matter where they live or what their financial situation is. I see so many families from all walks of life and every single one of them deserve the chance to reach their full potential. Being able to expand our paediatric services at Physique, allows us to reach areas that are missing this level of care and give the best support possible for families. For the last 18 months we’ve been branching out to Beaudesert and Jimboomba, and recently I’ve been given an incredible opportunity to spend more time there and create a stronger presence and connection with the community. I’m so excited to see what kind of difference we can make, and what’s in store for the future.

The reward for me, is seeing the kids thrive. Whether its rolling for the first time, taking their first steps, finally kicking that soccer goal or running in the school sports carnival, there is nothing that beats the smile on their faces and the proud look from their parents. Paediatric physiotherapy is a huge part of healthcare for our young ones and there is so much we can offer to help children overcome their struggles whether its recovering from sports injuries, motor delays, coordination problems, intellectual impairments, disabilities and more.

The ultimate goal in our paediatric sessions is to have fun! No child wants to come to physio where they have to “do their exercises” – that’s boring! But working on their skills in the form of obstacle courses? Soccer games? Hidden treasure? Balance competitions? Now THAT sounds like fun. The kids absolutely love it – and just quietly, so do I!

So, if you have ever wondered about physiotherapy for your child or have concerns about their health or development, check in with me at Physique. I would love to answer any questions you have and help your kids reach their goals!

By Caitiln French