Potter Wasp Nest – Abispa splendida. Garden, Eagle Heights

Potter Wasp Nest
Potter Wasp Nest

I filmed the nest in March 2017, almost seven years to the day after I first filmed it. Then there was only a single wasp putting the finishing touches to the structure. 

During the intervening years some of the brood cells became exposed and a few still were, while the nest was being refurbished by up to three wasps. They changed the position of the entrance three times overnight. 

The nest was attached to a wall hanging. The wasps collected mud balls from a nearby pond. This is another outstanding and unfathomable example of the ingenuity and application of an animal builder. 

The species can be found in Australia (coastal south east Queensland and the central coast of New South Wales) and Indonesia. Body length is 2.6 centimetres.