That’s Just Magic

The Magic Round Boys
The Magic Round Boys

A few weekends ago, I went up to Magic Round in Brisbane. This is a weekend where every NRL game played for that round is played one after the other at Lang Park over three days. There were footy fans everywhere and every club was represented. Even the Dragons had a few supporters there!

It was a rollicking atmosphere full of fun and frivolity. And yes, I did sit through 8 games of NRL over the three days. And yes, I unapologetically, loved it. But. the highlight of the weekend was who I spent the time with. My brother and his 22-year-old son flew up from Sydney with a few mates and my Dad came up from Palm Beach to spend the weekend in Brisbane. We stayed in a massive house near the Brisbane River and ate pies and had a few rums. It was fantastic.

And my Dad loved it. Absolutely enjoyed every moment of it. I had my doubts if I’m being honest with you. He’s almost 80, had a knee replacement last year and has had a few other medical things going on.  I wasn’t sure if he would physically cope with the long walks and the sitting all day and the crowds and the stairs.  But he more than coped, he thrived. Yeah, sure, he got a bit stiff and had to take the lift instead of the stairs (which my brother gallantly volunteered to accompany him on EVERY time) but it was so fantastic to see that he was more than capable of keeping up with us. He even stayed up and enjoyed the late-night port tastings with us.  

So, it got me thinking a little more about how it is that my Dad could physically cope with this wonderful weekend. And you know what?  I realised that he actually works very hard on his physical fitness.  

Let me outline his week for you. EVERY morning (even in the middle of winter) he goes for a swim in Currumbin Creek, he plays bowls at least twice per week, he attends exercise classes 1-2 times per week depending on his very busy social life, he does a daily exercise routine aimed at building up his leg muscles, and he goes for regular walks around Palmy.

But, and here’s the really important bit, he does it all under the guidance of the physios at Physique. He has multiple aches and pains throughout his body, which are a consequence of a youth spent playing sport and attacking life, that he gets regular hands-on help with these from Caitlin at Physique. He has learnt that if he ignores these problems or skips his regular treatment, his pain increases to the point where he can’t actually get out and be so active. And he has learnt that once his activity drops off, his weight increases, his joints stiffen up and his ability to do things like Magic Round decreases.

I can’t stress it enough: Regular, consistent physiotherapy treatment coupled with regular consistent, appropriate exercise is the key to keeping us active and enjoying life as we age. And, if it means that, like my Dad and I, you and your kids get to share many more happy memories, well then, that is truly just magic.