NEUROBICS  – Brain Aerobics to sharpen the memory

NEUROBICS - Train you brain and sharpen your memory
NEUROBICS - Train you brain and sharpen your memory

Designed to enhance brain power and sharpen the memory, the underlying concepts of Neurobics assist in focus, breaking the monotony of routine and challenging one or more senses in unusual situations.  These mini-mentals are equivalent to cross-training your brain! Hope you enjoy some of them!

  • Sit down and dress yourself with your eyes closed (NO walking with closed eyes)
  • Choose a different path to go to your room if possible
  • Once a week try a new cuisine: kimchi, sashimi, tapas, curry
  • Learn to read a few words in Braille
  • Play Charades on Zoom or across a fence over a cuppa
  • Write, use the mouse or brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand 
  • Rearrange some light decor ( paintings / vases) in your room (use assistance if needed)
  • Rearrange your closet, your shoe rack
  • Learn Morse Code
  • Wear your watch on the opposite wrist for a month
  • Walk in the opposite direction of your daily walk. 
  • Walk 10 steps backwards. ( Make sure it’s safe before you start) 
  • Count down from 100 – 0
  • Birdwatch to your favourite music 
  • Try saying the Alphabet from Z – A
  • Learn 3 exercises for the feet and 3 for the hands and practise daily
  • Dress up and read a children’s fairy tale or other book 
  • Take up a new hobby ( e.g. learn  sign language)
  • Learn a few Japanese symbols and greetings 
  • Listen to a music genre you’ve never bothered with before (Rap, Reggae, Hip Hop…)
  • Eat a part of your meal with chopsticks / swap your fork and knife around
  • Challenge your brain with mental multiplication (58 x 12?)
  • Sit down in a comfortable position, shut your eyes and breathe…

Tamborine Mountain Community Care Association wishes you happy times with Neurobics. We would love to hear your feedback at

By Patricia Arora