She’s a little girl with a big heart

Grace Epps
Grace Epps

Life on the mountain is filled with frolicking fun for little six-year-old Grace Epps.

The year one Tamborine Mountain student loves to read, colour and play with her friends.

But she’s also a very sensitive soul with a huge heart and plenty of empathy.

When her year one teacher ,Raechel Burni, told the class she was cutting her hair for the Leukemia Foundation World’s Greatest Shave, Grace was keen to know more.

“Her Aunty, Becky White, had had cancer and when Grace came across her wigs when she was just three years old she was horrified her Auntie’s hair was in the bathroom,” Dad, Brenden Epps recalled.

“When I reminded her of this and she found out that was where the hair was going, she immediately wanted to chop hers off.”

On May 1st she became one the youngest participants for Tamborine Mountain State School’s fundraising event.

Despite signing on to participate just a couple of days before the event, Brenden and Grace’s Mum, Lisabet Wallin, jumped online and doorknocked local businesses to raise $784.

When the day arrived, and Grace sat down to have her long mane chopped Brenden said she had no hesitation.

Her hair, which she’d been growing for about three years, was plaited in two large pigtails that were cut off to be donated.

“She was very happy with the outcome,” Brenden said.

“After the event she went around and thanked every business that donated. She was very proud. 

“She went home and at bedtime asked her mum when she could do it again. So, she’s now growing it for next year.”

Her sensitive spirit shone again recently when she realised the Sentinel had been taken away.

“She was very sad. It was something we see everyday driving up the mountain and that’s how she knew we were close,” Lisabet recalled.

“I burst into tears,” Grace added.

Seeing how deeply upset she was Brenden asked her if she’d like to talk to other young people who might be feeling a similar loss.

This prompted him to contact the Show Society committee to organise the event held at the showgrounds to celebrate the iconic rock.

“She wanted it to be a party,” he said and a party it was.

Grace, along with her three-year-old brother Jackson and her parents moved to Tamborine Mountain about 18 months ago from Currumbin seeking a close-knit community and the convenience that life here offers as well as the great schools.

She said she likes the red sand on the mountain and the trees.