Celebrating local art

Margaret Goldsmith
Margaret Goldsmith

TAMBORINE Mountain Arts Trail opened to a steady stream of visitors through the studios of local artists, including Margaret Goldsmith (pictured at her studio).

The Trail continues until Sunday May 12 with over 60 artists exhibiting across the Mountain.

Inspiration found amongst Collective

ARTISTS and visitors to the Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective have been inspired by the diversity of work displayed on the Arts Trail.

Mayor Tom Sharp opened the Trail, saying he was pleased to see the connection to the community amongst the artists involved.

“This is a rare opportunity to meet the artists and to see the creative process,” he said.

The number of artists exhibiting has trebled since last year, with over 60 artists from across the Scenic Rim involved in the current Trail. 

Coordinator Renee Martin said the Trail came about in 2023 after Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective (TMAC)saw the need to realign with the community needs.

A number of gatherings were held, inviting TMAC members and the entire local community to attend.

“The gathering we had about open studios received significant support and it really indicated that there was a need and a desire for these arts events on the Mountain,” she said.

“Building on this we launched Open Studios last year.  We had 18 artists, 12 venues and one group exhibition.”

This year sees over 65 artists, four group exhibitions, more than 25 venues including 14 local businesses.

“This overwhelming support really underscores the project’s importance and the backing of the community.”

Tamborine Mountain artist, Margaret Goldsmith had a steady stream of visitors at her Bateke Road studio on the opening day of the Trail.

“For 40 years I’ve been relying on people coming up Henry Roberts Drive and coming here which has been very fruitful, but in the last few years it has been quieter,” she said.

“So this is bringing people here, bringing them up the Mountain which is important.”

Tamborine Mountian Arts Trail is open until Sunday May 12.

For more information visit https://www.tamborinemountain.art/.

Click here to view all photos taken:  https://tamborinemountainnews.pixieset.com/tamborinemountainnews9may2024/ 

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