Building a Stronger Community: The Knoll Studio Men’s Social

Building a Stronger Community: The Knoll Studio Men’s Social
Building a Stronger Community: The Knoll Studio Men’s Social

“A man is not an island.” This timeless saying captures the essence of what we’re building with The Knoll Studio Men’s Social on Tamborine Mountain.

Social connections have amazing benefits, and while we used to foster these bonds at the pub, we’ve realized that drinking can sometimes create more problems than it solves.

That’s why we created a space where men can connect in a positive, alcohol-free environment (non alcohol beers provided)

The strength of a community is built on these connections. In times of disaster or crisis, having a network of supportive men (and women, you are invaluable too!!) to rely on can make a powerful difference. By investing in these relationships, we’re laying the foundation for a resilient and united community.

I’ve spoken to men from all walks of life and all ages, and while most men recognise the benefits and think it’s a great idea, taking the next step and committing to coming down can still be a challenge. It’s been really interesting talking to guys about it, one of the things I’ve heard is that they feel they don’t need the support. To them, I say: that’s fantastic. If you don’t need support, think about what you can offer to your community. This group isn’t just about what you can get from it, but what you can bring to it. It’s a low-key gathering where everyone is welcome, without any religious, social or demographic divides.

Thanks to a generous grant from GCHPN, our next four events are completely free. The only investment required is your time. On Tuesday, June 25th, we’re hosting a special event featuring a burger bar—who doesn’t love a free burger? It’s a perfect opportunity to come down, see what it’s all about, have a game of ping pong ( we do get competitive!!!) and be in the company of some of the mountains best men. 

If you’ve been sitting on the fence, I understand, but now is the time to check it out. Chances are, you’ll know someone there, and if not, you’re guaranteed to make a new friend by the time you leave. Building real connections in our increasingly digital world is vital, and that’s exactly what we’re fostering at The Knoll Studio Men’s Social.

Community is what we make it, and we must invest in it to ensure it remains strong. Join us, be part of this growing network, and help us build a stronger, more connected Tamborine Mountain. Ladies, if your reading this and think it would be great for your husband or brother, it is. Let them know about it!!!

To register you need to go to Humanitix and get your free ticket, do this by Sunday the 23rd and you will be guaranteed a free burger -and a non alcoholic beer ( if you want) 

If you would like to know more, contact us at The Knoll Studio for more information.