The Mount Tamborine 2024 Law Walk

Law Walk 2024
Law Walk 2024

Each year, local mountain lawyers, known as the Tamborine Toddlers, wake up early on May 14 and complete a 3km walk from the IGA carpark to the Rotary lookout in order to raise both awareness and funds for LAWRIGHT.

LAWRIGHT is an organization that provides a wide range of legal services seeking to increase access to justice for Queenslanders.

LAWRIGHT also has a particular focus in assisting clients with worthy claims – who would not otherwise be able to afford legal assistance – free of charge.

“Our local lawyers joined in with over 900 other Queensland lawyers and supporters who were also walking at the same time and with like purpose in Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, the North and South Coasts and Toowoomba.”

Just before the walk, over $107,000.00 had been raised. 

“LAWRIGHT needs over $150,000.00 to continue to maintain its existing services so let’s hope that this target is achieved.”

If you would like to make a donation, all donations to LAWRIGHT aid its noble work and are tax deductible and can be made using this link:

If you are interested in joining next year’s walk, or are after more information, contact Randal Dennings on 0408 878711 or Ian MacAllan on 55454303. The walk is open to all who wish to support LAWRIGHT and its Pro Bono efforts.