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  It was Australia’s first quarterfold (A4) newspaper when it began publication in 1958.  

The mountain in those days was a small farming community with a population of fewer than 400. The new paper, which was started by the Tamborine Mountain Progress Association, allowed residents to stay in touch with local issues, particularly construction work on the road being built down the eastern escarpment by a group of enterprising mountain volunteers.

  No government funding had been forthcoming for the construction of a much needed link to the bottom of the mountain to connect with an existing road to Oxenford, so a small group of locals decided to build it themselves.  
  Before long, the project (known as the ‘Do It Yourself Road’) was handed over to the Progress Association and Tamborine Mountain News became an invaluable source of information on its development.Until September 2012 when it was acquired by Gary and Lisa Stubbs, it had always been compiled by a dedicated band of volunteers, including founding editor Bill Reeve, Elton Staffsmith, Eve Curtis and George Fisher.  
  Eve joined Elton as co-editor in the late 1960s and they worked together in this capacity until 1985.  
  Gary and Lisa had previously enjoyed successful careers in metropolitan newspaper journalism, corporate and government communications, and as freelance writers and publicists.  

They are committed to publishing a newspaper that covers activities, events and issues in an accurate, objective and balanced manner.